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Pedro Almodovar [15 Oct 2006|06:30am]
[ mood | awake ]

I feel ill.

I just found out about a film festival at the Angelika showcasing the work of one of my favorite directors. Unfortunately, Im about month too late and can only catch the last film on the list. Oh well, I suppose one is still better than none.

Perhaps I should start reading the newspapaper or check out chron.com fairly regularly so I don't miss anything else. =|

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[04 Aug 2006|07:18pm]
Just and fyi... figured Id post it here, too. If you have a DS and Tetris and want to battle it out sometime, my friend code is 432478455653 rabidmike rawr.
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Memories of July [03 Aug 2006|07:59pm]
[ mood | content ]

July has come and gone and I'm left with a stark, albeit wide-open August. Time to get all my shit together and move forward in yet another direction. How I love starting anew.

Philadelphia was a blast. The grid structure of the city and the easy access to the subway made it quite an accessible city to walk about which I absolutely love. Definitely a place I would not mind living but then, I've always felt myself an east coast boy at heart.

Madonna was amazing as always. The woman works her heart out to put on a great show and I always admire that. Would be so easy for her to just doing something ordinary and mundane. I did, however, enjoy the 2004 Reinvention show a little bit better. But, I must say that this concert left me excited and wanting more. Both awesome experiences in my book. I managed to meet quite a few people on the subway to the show and after as well. I didn't sit down once after she took the stages and from what I can tell, not many others did either.

As for Morimoto... I spent about $165 on myself but it was definitely worth it. The Man in reference was not there that day but no bother. I had one of his Rogue beers, (which can be found at most Spec's stores btw) and a bottled water to carry me through what was an 8-10 course meal. I unfortunately did not keep count and it would have been nice to have a record of everything I ate but ah vell. I ordered the Omakase, which comes in a few price points. The website describes it as "CHEF'S CHOICE A MULTI-COURSE TASTING MENU DESIGNED TO ALLOW YOU TO EXPERIENCE THE ESSENCE OF MORIMOTO'S CUISINE." (I cut and paste so I hope you will excuse the caps.) It was wonderful to try ingredients and techniques Ive only read about or seen on television. Highlights for me included the benito shavings on a certain fish that escapes me currently, mint sorbet (used as a palette cleanser), and the kobe beef with fois gras. Thinking about those and the numerous other dishes I had there has me salivating in my recollections.

Another city great for walking is New Orleans. At least in the Quarter. I had a great time there and it was nice to take a mini road trip with Kyle. My only complaint is that I had a sinus infection the entire time, but I grinned and beared it for him, his friends (who were awesome) and myself. Well most of the time anyway.

The city is still in pretty poor shape overall and it looks like progress is happening very slowly. The trolleys still weren't up until our last day and even then only two on Canal st. Our first night there was a blackout in the Quarter which made things kind of interesting. It brought forth feelings of old romanticism... seeing candles in bars and restaurants amidst the facades of the Spanish/French influenced buildings. The only thing missing was torches and perhaps a few more horses.

After 4 days or so there we headed back to Houston. It was nice to be back home for a bit. We arrived on Sunday night and it was hard for me to get to sleep so I didn't get a whole lot. Nary 3hours of sleep, really, before I had to get up and get ready for Monday morning Jury duty. Being tired wasn't so bad but the fact that I was still ill made it suck even more. I did not expect to get selected on account of how awful I must have looked but I did. I'll admit I did have fun though. The case only last one day. A DWI case where we found the defendant not guilty. I don't live too far from downtown so I took the metro line toward and walked the 2 blocks to the jury selection courthouse. After all was said and done around 7pm I began my trek home. Metro offers free round-trip rides for those serving on jury duty and I considered catching a ride back but it was a nice day and, seeing as how I walked about two other US cities recently but rarely ever walk around downtown Houston, I decided what the hell.

It was a nice walk home.

All in all despite the illness, traversing 3 cities on foot, eating at fabulous restaurants and meeting lots of new people, July was an extraordinary month. Looking forward to many more.

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[26 Jul 2006|04:54am]
<td align="center"> Michael Aguirre Rivas --

A level headed person who always makes the wrong decision

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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Go east, young man. [28 Jun 2006|07:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

s'been a pretty restless night altogether. Did not get much sleep. Half money-woes, half sheer excitement.

It's been kind of nice as a creative outlet though.

Philadelphia is a little more than 2 weeks away. Should be quite an adventure traveling on my own. I'm mostly just thankful that I will get to go. I purchased the ticket back in April but about 3 weeks ago I realized I could not find my ticket. I have searched everywhere but no luck. I still have to go with the It-Was-Accidentally-Thrown-Away-At-a-Friends-House theory. The thought of it still makes me ill.

But good 'ol Ticketmaster came through. Thankfully I purchased online.

OK. So 5 days after my return from Philly I need pack up the bags again. This time to New Orleans with Kyle. It's his birthday and he wants to go back to visit his friends, etc. Will be nice to meet them. We're staying at the Royal Senesta on Bourbon St which should be a blast in and of itself. Much drinking will commence I assure you. There's a planned stop at Harrahs as well. I'm just slightly bummed that filming will have wrapped up on Celebrity Poker Showdown. Would have been kickass to catch a show.

All in all, much anticipation for July. So when you don't hear from me much then you'll know what's up.

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"I like my coffee like my men. Black." [27 Apr 2006|10:30pm]
[ mood | full ]

I like coffee.

I like coke.

I do not like them fused together.

I'm sure my issue comes with the fact that I don't drink my coffee straight. I enjoy cream.

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slut. [27 Apr 2006|06:13am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


Not that I've ever wanted to brag...
(OK. Mayhaps sometimes..)

but it seems I have more boys then I know what to do with at the moment.

I even exchanged numbers with a boy at a certain drive-through.

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[26 Apr 2006|06:46pm]
[ mood | calm ]

So I'm sort of dating two guys in the medical field.

Which is great because I think I have avian flu.

One's a doctor.. I'm not exactly sure what the other does. No matter really. The one I like more lives about 20-30minutes away.


It's good times in the mean. They have lots of cool toys.

I'm not materialistic. Really!

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Philadelphia [26 Apr 2006|06:24am]
July 13th.
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[27 Sep 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | content ]

It is incredibly wonderful to be back home.

I arrived back at my apartment Sunday evening. Since then I've been mostly tidying here and there and I've gone out the last few nights. Aside from a downed tree in the middle of the road near my residence, I haven't seen much other destruction.

As I was approaching the gate to my apartment Monday morning, 2:30am-ish, there was a guy walking the opposite direction. I don't exactly recall what our conversation was about but he did have a joint so we sat in front of my truck and a few other vehicles parked in front of my apt building and smoked. Seemingly out of nowhere he stood up, pulled down his pants and sat back down and proceeded to jack off while smoking his j. He asked if I mind and I told him no but that I needed to get in. I bid my farewell and unlocked the gate.

Come to think of it I do recall him telling me he was horny.

Went out last night, too. Pretty slow as to be expected for a Monday night.
I was at my usual haunt 611 sitting at a barstool near the entrance.
Around 1 am the door opened and I turned around shortly thereafter to see James walk in, shake his head and hurry back out the door upon noticing me.

I'm not sure if that constitutes as power but it certainly felt like it.

The small ordeal did leave me a bit sad however..

Oh, and some drunk kept playing Dancing Queen over and over. At least 7 times which prompted me to scream, "oh my fucking god" at least twice. Sean, my favorite bartender, eventually starting skipping the song at the initial recognition of the first few notes.

Today I did some yoga and some basic exercises. I should really go to the grocery but not feeling all that motivated.

Anyone want to go see a movie or something?

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[24 Sep 2005|12:42am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I'm OK if you care.

In a hotel in Del Rio.

A border town in Texas off of I-10.

The approximate 8hr drive under normal conditions took 25.

Won't complain. Others had it worse.

Extremely tired, however.
This has been a surreal experience.

Hard to catch up on sleep.

My parents had to leave the dog.

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[13 Sep 2005|03:03pm]
so I am officially unemployed.

I guess I could always work the local corner.
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[12 Sep 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | tired ]

so there's a very good chance I may be getting fired.

and I think I'm OK with it.

I should probably start searching for another job.

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Welcome to Mike's Apartment... [28 Aug 2005|02:50am]
So tonight I encountered uber roach.

I must be getting soft.

I have eliminated three bugs today and have felt slightly guilty about about them all.
The first around 5pm today. I sat on the carpet, typing away at the computer. As I have no current computer desk I've grown accustomed to sitting on the floor.

While comfortable at times, mostly I think I'm further developing my carpal tunnel syndome and a nice hunch back to boot.

My left hand lay resting upon the carpet as I felt something brush against. Initially I thought nothinng of it, crediting the light air brush to nothing more than carpet fibers, or the soft blow of cool air from the window unit.

But the sensation occured again. This time I investigated and found a small roach/beatle-like creature lurking under. I didn't bother to ascertain the species or its' overall being but instead quickly stood up and grabbed a napkin. Off to the toilet and to it's demise.

I immediately felt something I had never experienced before in this context. Compassion. My dad had a part-time business as an exterminator as I grew up and I was always thankful for it. I rarely had to deal with outside pests in the home.

I quickly overcame any remorse... as expected.

Later this evening it began to rain. Whilst between drinks I visited the bathroom once or thrice. And there we met. It was lurking on the trash can. I should have just found an easy way to let him back outside. It was definitely an outdoor tree roach. Not one of those you-have-food-and-now-I'm-your-new-best-friend-mind-if-I-move-in? types.

Instead I rammed the trash can into the wall. Mind you, this was the same trash can it had been clinging upon. The perfect adjacency to the wall.

I seperated it from its' two hind legs and bits of its' back section as well.

Enter immediate guilt.

I felt bad. Truly bad. What an awful act to perform! This feeling was especially accentuated by the vile creatures' circular scurry for safe haven.

I felt the only proper action was to put it out of it's misery. After all... the damage had been done, no?


Roughly 4 hours later, before I head to bed, I venture back into the bathroom and lo, another tree roach. Yes, I should have taken the high road but instead...

I grab the can of hairspray I have almost never used and spray profusely. It runs and runs and I continually spray. Occasionally scurrying into cabinet crevices and other places I cannot reach.

But eventually it emerges. The antennae are swirling and the feet and jumping toward any safe shelter, albeit all this movement in a disoriented fashion.

Alcohol tends to have that effect.


Eventually I corner it again and this time have ample opportunity to pick it up (with a paper towel of course) and send him to a water grave. In he drops.


Now I have performed this act many a time and on many a different occasion. As I'm sure everyone who reads this can relate, it was very well second nature to push the old handle down. Be it by hand, foot or telekineses. I relayed the task as always.

The water went down.

My friend did not.

I tell you, I have never seen a roach swim like this one did. He survived the flush and was ready to get out. I appluaded his effort. I related it to human strength and the sheer will to persevere. But it was also about to escape again.

A good dousing of toilet cleaner did the trick. The toilet needed the clean anyway. Suddenly it's movents ceased and my guilt, once again, increased.

Again, I had killed.


I should probably find all the passages they are coming in through and immediatly block them but.. company is company, right?

Even if they can't stay for dinner.
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[20 Aug 2005|08:35pm]
OK. I really need more friends.
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[17 Aug 2005|08:40pm]
I have found that since moving on my own I spend an extraordinate amount of my time naked.

I like to think of it as conserving clothing.
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CNN @ Midnight.. [14 Aug 2005|12:43am]
Jocelyn Elders has to be the best-looking 72 yr old around.

As a co-worker once told me, "Black don't crack."
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Stolen from c00kie Hana.. [08 Aug 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Google your name in quotes with an "is"
eg: "(your name) is" ...then, pick your favourite ten responses and post them.'

My criticism of Michael is his self-absorption

Michael is fickle with his attentions, moving on to a new special friend every year or so.

Michael is a warrior angel, not some simpering white robed, gold haloed do gooder.

Michael is regarded as a rare voice of reason representing the Christian perspective in matters of moral and social conflict in an uncompromising but relevant and persuasive fashion.

Michael is portrayed as being a bit dimwitted.


Michael is no cyborg.

Michael is rather unkempt and slovenly, he smokes and has a penchant for sugar.

Michael is kept under medical supervision

Last but not least,

Michael is The Sexy.



Most of these are actually about Michael Jackson and George Michael. A few from the Travolta vehicle, MICHAEL and various other references. I'll let you sort them out if you feel so inclined.

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So far, I still know who you are.. but now I wonder who I was. [07 Aug 2005|06:51pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Happy Day!

I found an old 'script of Darvocet I thought I had finished long ago. Dated 09/10/04

They are suprisingly still fresh.

I can't believe I forgot about them.

I had assumed I'd finished them off.

The qty was 50 count..

about 15 left.

Perhaps I had just burned out on them.

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mucho packing [07 Aug 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm feeling incredibly tired and lazy today.. and with so much to do!

It's mostly my eyes. They ache/kind of burn.

But, must start!

Dropped a cool 3k + yesterday on furniture.

I can't wait until I'm out of here.

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