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Stolen from c00kie Hana..

Google your name in quotes with an "is"
eg: "(your name) is" ...then, pick your favourite ten responses and post them.'

My criticism of Michael is his self-absorption

Michael is fickle with his attentions, moving on to a new special friend every year or so.

Michael is a warrior angel, not some simpering white robed, gold haloed do gooder.

Michael is regarded as a rare voice of reason representing the Christian perspective in matters of moral and social conflict in an uncompromising but relevant and persuasive fashion.

Michael is portrayed as being a bit dimwitted.


Michael is no cyborg.

Michael is rather unkempt and slovenly, he smokes and has a penchant for sugar.

Michael is kept under medical supervision

Last but not least,

Michael is The Sexy.



Most of these are actually about Michael Jackson and George Michael. A few from the Travolta vehicle, MICHAEL and various other references. I'll let you sort them out if you feel so inclined.
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