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Go east, young man.

s'been a pretty restless night altogether. Did not get much sleep. Half money-woes, half sheer excitement.

It's been kind of nice as a creative outlet though.

Philadelphia is a little more than 2 weeks away. Should be quite an adventure traveling on my own. I'm mostly just thankful that I will get to go. I purchased the ticket back in April but about 3 weeks ago I realized I could not find my ticket. I have searched everywhere but no luck. I still have to go with the It-Was-Accidentally-Thrown-Away-At-a-Friends-House theory. The thought of it still makes me ill.

But good 'ol Ticketmaster came through. Thankfully I purchased online.

OK. So 5 days after my return from Philly I need pack up the bags again. This time to New Orleans with Kyle. It's his birthday and he wants to go back to visit his friends, etc. Will be nice to meet them. We're staying at the Royal Senesta on Bourbon St which should be a blast in and of itself. Much drinking will commence I assure you. There's a planned stop at Harrahs as well. I'm just slightly bummed that filming will have wrapped up on Celebrity Poker Showdown. Would have been kickass to catch a show.

All in all, much anticipation for July. So when you don't hear from me much then you'll know what's up.
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